Whats in my diaper bag?

Hellooo Everyone!

I find it so fascinating what other moms carry around in their diaper bags and I think watching “What’s in your diaper bag” videos are so FUN (Is that normal?). After switching over to a Skip Hop Duet 2-in-1 Tote diaper bag I have decided to share with everyone what I carry regularly and what I consider “essentials” for my five month old.64422143801947p

First off I want to start out and say I absolutely ADORE this diaper bag. I love everything from all of the pockets, its removable middle pocket insert (for the moms who hate organization), and it’s thick comfy changing pad.  This diaper bag is very versatile and it has very easy access to everything inside. It has 2 arm straps but also a long over-the-shoulder strap. It also has two stroller straps for easy attachment to any stroller. It can be zipped shut and it has ton of space. Even though it has 6 pockets it still allows you to be able to toss things in on the go without being to overstructured.


I could go on and on about why I would recommend this bag and how much I love it but I am sure you guys are just ready for the good stuff.


Diapering Essentials:

FullSizeRender (3)

  • 6/7 Pampers Swaddlers (These are my ALL time favorite and they work wonders for my back pooping baby!)
  • Pampers Sensitive wipes
  • The honest company All Purpose Balm – I use this as diaper ointment and for blemishes, scratches, cuts, rashes, etc.
  • Thick changing pad – I use and recommended the brand Skip Hop for a changing pad. Its easy to wipe clean and it is very compact.
  • Smelly diaper bags for the times when you have a massive blowout walking through the grocery store or at church (been there done that).

Extra Clothes: 

FullSizeRender (4)

I would recommend using a wet and dry bag to carry all you’re baby’s extra clothes.  It doubles its purpose because it has a zipped pocket for dirty clothes.

  • AT LEAST two onesies
  • extra outfit
  • one pairs of socks
  • 2 bibs
  • jacket (for cooler months)
  • Dreft stain remover

Toys and such:


  • One book – The Hungry Caterpillar
  • 1 Rattle
  • 1 Squeaky toy which I prefer Sophie the giraffe since it can doubles as a teether.
  • Pacifier. My son does not take a paci but he enjoys to play with them.
  • Munch Mitt DEFINITELY for teething babies.
  • One bottle. My baby is breastfed and the only bottle he will take is the Comotomo. Its squishy and compares to a breast. Definitely check them out if you are struggling with transition and nipple confusion.


FullSizeRender (6)

  • Honest company Lotion
  • Medications & Syringe – I bring tylenol and benadryl because I have a teething/reflux baby and my doctor recommends low dosages of these.
  • Pacifier wipes. I use these more to wipe off his toys when they fall on a restaurant floor or the ground outside of the car.
  • Spoon for feeding soilds
  • Q-tips 

FullSizeRender (10)

  • One or more burp cloths
  • One or more swaddles

For me:

FullSizeRender (9)

  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • Hand Santizer
  • Keys
  • Chapstick


And that’s it! All packed up and plenty of room to spare!

I hope this gives you some insight into what is really going on inside of my diaper bag! I am the mom that would rather over pack and have everything rather than needing it and not having it.


Comment and let me know what’s one of your diaper bag essentials?

10 things my 5 month old has taught me

1) I will never put myself first again. My main focus will always be him. Even at the darkest times he will be the light that shines through.

2) You do not know how much you can love somebody until you have a child.

3) Being a mom will be the hardest task you will have to complete because you will never feel like you are doing enough.

4) Their smile will brighten any bad day.

5) Its okay to go to the store in Nikey shorts and a Tshirt.

6) Breastfeeding will be an experience you will not be able to explain to anyone.

7) You will cherish your moms love more.

8) Your dog that you adored so much before your baby will come second. Your love doesn’t change.. it’s just a different kind of love.

9) Your life will always be an adventure. A new day a new achievement.

10) YOU WILL CALL THE DOCTOR AND NOT BE SCARED. It will come so natural. Instead of calling your mom you’ll call yourself and wonder why you always asked your mom too.

How I decided to start a blog:


As bedtime approaches for my 5 month old, I flip on the cooking channel (because you know basic mom status) and I begin to listen to CHOPPED in the background of my life. As entertaining as that show can get I begin to nurse my sweet boy and start to browse Pinterest (again basic mom). WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN a taunting pin catches my attention…. “How to start a blog in 7 days”

…. so here I am.

I go and lay my sweet boy down and make it to my queen size bed and I start to think what possibly could I blog about? Should it be about me? Should it be about crafting? Should it be about my dreams? Then it hit me… I chose all of the above because for once in my life I know whats the most interesting about me; and its called being a mom.

Being a mom has been the greatest gift I could have possibly ever received and lets be honest, all of us moms are just in a small world trying to be heard.

If you are here to find advice, try a new DIY, or make your life seem a little bit better just continue to look out for my posts because we could all use a good laugh.